Over 30% of all produced food in the world ends up in the trash. The most food waste is generated on a household level with food services coming in second place. In Finland, the restaurant industry produces 75-85 million kilograms of food waste per year, of which the majority is the result of buffets and simply too much food being prepared. Depending on the type of restaurant, typically 4-8 percent of the food on a customer’s plate ends up as food waste. Finland is committed to UN’s sustainable development goals which include the halving of food waste by the year 2030. We have accepted this challenge!

The environment, sustainable development and being eco-friendly and ethical are matters of heart for us at Sushibar+Wine. We are the first sushi restaurant in Finland that has been granted the highly respected ASC/MSC Chain of Custody and the EcoCompass -sustainability certificates. We are also proud of our cooperation with WWF. We want to do our part in reducing the strain on our environment and help our customers do the same by providing better, more environmentally friendly alternatives. That is why we have made environmental issues an integral part of our company culture. Our green values are visible in our everyday work and we strive to continuously develop and become even more environmentally positive.

Responsible fish choices and cooperation with WWF Finland

Sushibar+Wine on ensimmäinen sushiravintola sekä Suomessa että Norjassa, jolle on myönnetty kansainvälisesti arvostetut merenelävien vastuullisuudesta kertovat ASC ja MSC-sertifikaatit. Pääraaka-aineemme on valittu WWF:n kalaoppaan vihreällä merkityistä kaloista ja merenelävistä: käytämme esimerkiksi ASC-sertifioituja rapuja ja MSC-sertifioitua tonnikalaa. Tarjoilemme myös ensimmäisenä sushiravintolana Suomessa WWF:n vihreällä listalla olevaa ASC sertifioitua lohta! Koska ASC-lohen saatavuus tuoreena on kuitenkin vielä rajattua, täydennämme lohta norjalaisella merilohella. Teemme aktiivista yhteistyötä kalatoimittajamme kanssa, jotta saisimme ASC-lohen saatavuus tuoreena paranisi! Olemme tehneet oman kalaoppaan helpottamaan asiakkaidemme vihreämpiä valintoja. Kalaoppaamme löydät täältä

In cooperation with WWF Finland, we have planned the New Nordic -set, from which a portion of the sales revenue is directed to WWF and the protection of the Baltic Sea.

Food Waste

We produce every dish and plate of food with our own hands and made to order, which is why the amount of food waste, especially from our customers’ plates, is very small. Only the waste that is the result of food preparation ends up in biodegradable waste. We strive to continuously improve and come up with dishes in order to reduce the amount of food waste even further. Our super popular Shake supreme -nigiri, for example, was born through this principle. In our nigiri, we use the fatty part of salmon, which in the past was left unused and was discarded during food preparation. Raw ingredients are delivered to us daily to ensure that we can use everything as accurately as possible instead of having ingredients wasted due to larger, more inaccurate orders.

Reducing plate waste, meaning food that is left over from the customer, is both the customer’s and the staff’s responsibility. Our staff aids the customer in choosing the correct size or portion. However, if you overestimate your hunger or the amount of food you eat, you can take the remainder of your food with you free of charge.

Domestic partners

We work together with Nordic interior designers. The furniture we have used since opening is Artek’s timeless Aalto-series. We repair and refurbish our furniture regularly, making them last from year to year. Our tableware is mostly from Marimekko and woodworker and designer Tebian.

Haluamme tukea kotimaisia pienyrittäjiä ja taiteilijoita. Taide jokaisessa ravintolassamme on yksilöllistä ja suosimme nousevia taiteilijoita. Esimerkiksi Sushibar+Wine Cityssa olemme tehneet alusta asti yhteistyötä Aalto-yliopiston valokuvataiteen opiskelijoiden kanssa. Kallion Sushibar + Wine -ravintolaan olemme saaneet teoksia kahdelta upealta taiteilijalta, Linda Linkolta ja Tuukka Tammisaarelta.

Organic and environmentally friendly choices

For our wine selection we have chosen organic wines from small producers. We work in continuous cooperation with our importer Viinitie when planning our selection. The wines we offer have been produced organically, although not all our producers have the organic certificate. In addition to wines, most of our drink selection is organic. For years we have provided customer’s the option of replacing cow’s milk with plant-based oat milk without additional cost. It has been a great delight to notice that the consumption of oat milk has now surpassed cow’s milk in our restaurants. 

In addition, in our take-away deliveries we use FSC certified cardboard, which has a coating and window that are biodegradable. The take-away box is recycled as cardboard. 

We are also gradually transitioning to the use of energy-saving led lights. In addition, in all our restaurants in which we manage the electricity contracts, we use environmentally friendly electricity generated through wind power. When possible, we also strive to use environmentally friendly cleaning agents. For example, we use the Bioflow drain cleaner, which is entirely eco-friendly. We avoid any use of toxic chemicals while keeping a very high standard of hygiene.

EcoCompass -certificate

“Sushibar + Wine considers environmental issues comprehensively in its operations and the staff are highly trained. Their environmental goals are concrete and their motivation for continuous improvement is evident.” – Visia Cooperative, auditor of the EcoCompass.

Sushibar+Wine ravintoloille on myönnetty Ekokompassi-sertifikaatti 29.10.2019! Sitoudumme kehittämään omaa toimintaamme jatkuvasti ympäristöasioissa ja toimimaan Ekokompassin kriteereiden mukaisesti. Lue lisää Ekokompassista täällä.


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