Handmade - Sustainable - Nordic

Sushibar+Wine Uudenmaankatu

An open-minded urbanite in the heart of Punavuori

Opening hours

Monday 11-21
Tuesday 11-21
Wednesday 11-21
Thursday 11-21
Friday 11-21:30
Saturday 14-21:30


-Rauhoitumme joulun viettoon 24.12- 27.12 ja avaamme taas maanantaina 28.12 illalliselle klo 15.00

-Uudenvuodenaattona olemme avoinna normaalisti. Uudenvuodenpäivänä lepäilemme ja avaamme normaalisti taas lauantaina 2.1. kello 14.00

Uudenmaankatu 15
00120 Helsinki
tel: +358106668456
[email protected]


We are a small restaurant so unfortunately we can only take a few stroller inside.
There are a few stairsteps at the restaurant door.
Dogs are welcome!

About reservation

We operate primarily on a first come first served basis, so we do not take reservations for all of our restaurants. Table reservations can be made at Kallio and Korjaamo restaurants.