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Sushibar+Wine is Norway’s first MSC- and ASC-certified sushi restaurant

Sushibar+Wine opened its first restaurant in Oslo in March. On 6 May 2020, it became the first Norwegian sushi restaurant to be awarded both the MSC and ASC certificates. The MSC and ASC traceability certificates for seafood demonstrate that the seafood products in our restaurants are traceable and verifiably sourced in a responsible manner. 


Press release 19.5.2020

“It is great to see that also independent sushi restaurants in Norway are taking action and takes sustainable fishing seriously. MSC is an important tool to make it easy for the consumers to choose seafood that comes from sustainably managed fish stocks. Finally there is an option for responsible consumers to eat sushi with good consciousness. I hope more restaurants will follow this good example», says Johan Henrik Frøstrup, Commercial and Marketing manager, Marine Stewardship Council in Norway.  

Sustainability is the basic principle of Sushibar+Wine, and is reflected in all aspects of its operations. MSC and ASC certification provide the world’s most reliable means of assessing responsibility in fish and shellfish production. The MSC environmental label assures consumers that fish and seafood are sourced from sustainable stocks, and that responsible fishing methods have been used throughout. The ASC environmental label verifies that account has been taken of both environmental and social issues in fish and seafood farming.

Sushibar+Wine, which has five restaurants in Helsinki, received the ASC and MSC certificates in Finland in December 2019.

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“We follow the green list of the WWF, using sustainably sourced seafood and clean energy while minimising food waste. We also recycle and favour vegan options and organic wines. We are working actively to minimise our footprint, and compensating for what remains,” say Sushibar+Wine entrepreneurs Anders Westerholm and Matti Sarkkinen.

Sushibar+Wine has also begun responsibility cooperation with Moomin Characters Oy Ltd, which is in charge of Moomin copyrights: The Moomin family will feature on Sushibar+Wine’s first children’s menu. 

“Acting responsibly is important for both Sushibar+Wine and the Moomin Characters. We both support the #OURSEA campaign to save the Baltic Sea, the home sea of the Moomins,” says Roleff Kråkström, CEO of Moomin Characters. 

Sushibar+Wine’s long-term interior design partners, Artek and Marimekko, also prefer to use handmade and responsible Nordic design. 

Oslo’s first Sushibar+Wine was only open for a week before the coronavirus crisis escalated in Norway. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Sushibar+Wine Posthallen has been selling takeaways, as have the five Sushibar+Wine restaurants in Helsinki.

Norway allowed alcohol to be sold in restaurants again on 8 May. This also marked the opening of Sushibar+Wine Posthallen’s terrace.

“We were able to serve our Norwegian friends for only a week before being stopped by the coronavirus. Now we’re thrilled to be back in business,” says Matti Sarkkinen, one of the two Sushibar+Wine entrepreneurs.

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Sushibar+Wine in brief:
Sushibar+Wine combines artisan sushi, Scandinavian design and organic wines. The restaurant is based on a Nordic concept that respects the origin of food and the principles of sustainable development. Sushibar Restaurants Finland Oy’s net sales were EUR 4.6 million in 2019, and it had 61 employees. The chain has five restaurants in Helsinki, being part of the We Are Group owned by Anders Westerholm and Matti Sarkkinen.