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Tunaful weeks 20.9-3.10

NEW SEASON SPECIAL: Spicy tuna avocado bowl with spicy goma sauce🥑🍃 We are celebrating Tunaful Weeks 20.9-3.10 with MSC Finland both in Helsinki and Oslo ❤️

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) have worked hard to raise awareness on sustainable tuna and now they are joining forces with us and two other Nordic restaurants who serve only MSC certified tuna. Tunaful Weeks aims to highlight that it is alright to eat tuna, as long as it is certified sustainable.

Overfishing has not only driven some species of tuna close to extinction, but it also poses a serious threat to marine environments and jobs on a global scale. With their blue label, MSC wants to remind people that not all tuna is bad, and it is easy to make a sustainable choice.

To earn the MSC label fisheries must meet a strict science-based set of requirements for sustainable fishing. Fisheries are assessed by accredited independent certifiers, which is the most credible way to ensure that MSC certified tuna truly is wild, traceable and sustainable. When a consumer chooses a MSC labelled product they can be sure that their choice supports well-managed, sustainable fisheries.

Spicy tuna avocado bowl with spicy goma sauce – available 20.9-3.10!