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We Are Group’s new Talent Coordinator Eero Tuura is a long-term chef at Sushibar + Wine Uudenmaankatu

We Are Group‘s new Talent Coordinator Eero Tuura, a long-term chef at Sushibar+Wine Uudenmaankatu, has a strong desire to make life easier for his colleagues!

“I am extremely excited about my new role! As a chef I know how much time recruiting takes away from our core-work, for example customer service, so it’s great to help our restaurant managers and chefs with their talent related tasks”, states Talent Coordinator Eero Tuura.

Eero Tuura started working as a sushi chef at Sushibar+Wine, a member of the We Are Group, seven years ago. Eero quickly progressed to become the head chef of Sushibar + Wine Uudenmaankatu and he has been in this crucial role for five years. During this period, Eero’s interests towards operations development have not been overlooked.

“I have a strong interest towards human resource management and all matters that can enhance well-being at work. In my former role, I managed the well-being of our restaurant team at Uudenmaankatu and now it is great to be able to make life easier for more and more colleagues!” Eero rejoices and continues: “I am also really excited that in my new role I will be able to further develop recruitment at We Are Group, to ensure that our processes are in line with our values and that every new employee will have an even easier starting point for their new role!”

We Are Group wants to be an international leader in modern hospitality, breaking the boundaries of the restaurant industry and leading the sector as a whole. Our companies values are: we are passionate, we are friends, we are daring, we are professional and we are curious, and these values are reflected in the daily lives of our spectacular staff.