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Winemaker dinner w/ Kühling-Gillot & Simon Guiot 10.5.

We are celebrating German wine weeks 10.5-12.6.2022! Simon Guiot, Export Manager at Battenfeld-Spanier and Kühling-Gillot, will host a winemaker dinner on Tuesday 10th of May at Sushibar+Wine Posthallen.

During the dinner are enjoying four-course menu with 8 different wines and Simon tells us stories behind their wines. We are focusing and comparing Rieslings from Entry level, Erste Lage and Grosses Gewächs (different wine classifications) production of Battenfeld-Spanier& Kühling-Gillot.

Hans Oliver took over the parental vineyard in the Hohen-Hülzen in Rhineland-Palatinate in 1991 while he was 20 years old. Caroline took over her parents winery in 2002. Nowadays they run together the two wineries Battenfeld-Spanier and Kühling-Gillot.Both wineries are producing high level organic wines and both with its own authenticity. The vineyards itself are on different locations so also the soils are different.

Kühling-Gillot covers vineyards like the Rothenberg, Pettenthal and the Hipping with lots of red slate. Battenfeld-Spanier covers vineyards like the Frauenberg and Herrgott – with limestone soil.Together, the pair revolutionized how Rheinhessen perceived their wines, making bright clear white wines full of mineral velvet and rich bouquets of flavor. Also the transition to biodynamic was revolutionary for this wineregion.

What? Winemaker dinner with Simon Guiot
Where? Sushibar+Wine Posthallen
When? Tuesday 10th of May at 6pm
How much? 950nok including wines