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Om oss

The idea for Sushibar + Wine came from a simple realisation. Despite coming from opposite ends of the world, sushi and the Nordic aesthetic are made for each other. The finishing touch was the addition of a third highly crafted component: organic wines from small, independent producers. Sometimes when seemingly different things are combined, they can create something unique.

Sushibar + Wine has proven to last. This has been helped by our continuous development work and our work culture based on teamwork.

We are the first sushi restaurant in Finland that has been granted the highly respected ASC/MSC Chain of Custody and the EcoCompass – sustainability certificates. We are also proud of our co-operation with WWF as well as our long-lasting partnerships with iconic design brands Artek and Marimekko.

Best friends since high school, we never thought that we would be taking our business overseas. But after a decade of business in Helsinki we felt the time was right to take our concept abroad.

Of all the possible locations in the world, we simply knew that Oslo would be the best second home for us. It feels like Oslo and Helsinki are both hidden gems with both in common. Both cities have a close connection to nature and a forward-thinking ethos, and we sincerely want to be part of this inspiring development. It is also important for us to come closer to one of our main ingredients, sustainably grown Norwegian salmon.

Born in Helsinki – growing Nordic. Our twin city strategy is now becoming a reality, as we open our first restaurant in Oslo to join our five existing restaurants in Helsinki. This has always been a story of the road less travelled and we are looking forward to making a lot of new friends. After all, Sushibar + Wine is here to make everyday lives more enjoyable.

Welcome to join our trip!
– Entrepreneurs Anders & Matti