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B2B Services

he most important thing for us is to provide services that we can proudly stand behind and that also provide added value to our customers. We are constantly working with pioneers in the field of sustainable development to ensure that sushi moments can continue to be equally enjoyable in the future.


Sushibar + Wine catering offers luxury for everyday life and celebration. High-quality, fresh ingredients and a la minute activities guarantee an unmistakable taste and visual experience that has enriched corporate events for years. We offer carefully selected catering options and tailor our services to our customers’ needs.

Sample menus for groups:

MENU CLASSIC (10 pieces)
1x salmon nigiri
1x grilled salmon nigiri
1x ebi nigiri
1x whitefish nigiri
2x california maki
2x korneri maki
2x spicy salmon maki
MENU SUSHIBAR (10 pieces)
1x salmon nigiri
1x grilled salmon nigiri
1x scallop supreme nigiri
1x tuna nigiri
2x deluxe maki
2x spicy shisomaki
2x skandi maki
MENU VEGAN (10 pieces)
1x vegan stravocado nigiri
1x spicy inari nigiri
1x purple inari nigiri
1x portobello nigiri
2x vegemaki
2x portobello thaimaki
2x stravomaki
Teriyaki bowl
Spicy bowl
Goma bowl

• add avocado +2€/bowl

SIDES (price per person)
3€ Salmon sashimi (2psc)
2€ Purple slaw
2€ Wakame salad
2€ Kimchi
2€ Green salad with goma dressing

VAT 14%
soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger
packaging materials
chopsticks and napkin
disposable serving trays

Pickup from the restaurant €0
SBW delivery €50-100
Depending on the location in the capital region

At least 24 hours in advance

Payment at the restaurant
Invoicing for companies