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Having sushi while pregnant?

We get quite a lot of pregnant customers in our restaurants. Every pregnant person interprets recommendations in their own way and we respect everyone’s choices. We have gathered some tips here to help you choose your meal. Our staff is also more than happy to help you choose from the menu in the restaurant or help you over the phone! 

  • Vegetarian sushi has usually been perceived suitable by our pregnant customers. 
  • We use pasteurized Philadelphia cream cheese.
  • Ebi – shrimp is delivered vacupacked.
  • Tiger prawn is not vacupacked and we cook it through in the restaurant by boiling it. You can ask our California maki to be made with tiger prawns instead of ebi for 1€/10NOK additional fee. The additional fee is because we need to use a bit more tiger prawn in the roll than ebi to fill it out. 
  • In maki rolls with rice on the outside we use half a nori sheet per roll. In maki rolls with nori on the outside we use one nori sheet per roll. 
  • We can grill all grilled items on the menu welldone upon request. We do not however guarantee it’s cooked all the way through since due to us grilling the fish and seafood with a blowtorch, the surface might burn before the inside is cooked. 

Examples of menu items our pregnant customers have perceived to be safe as they are: 
– All vegetarian items
– Prawn mousse maki
– Chili prawn gunkan nigiri

More info and help from our staff in the restaurant or over the phone! You can also send an email to the restaurant, but please observe that we might not be able to reply to it immediately if it’s busy.