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Beats & Bubbles DJ events in Posthallen

Beats & Bubbles is the most relaxed and enjoyable way to meet friends & family on a Thursday evening. Enjoy our handmade sushi & organic bubbles with the great music played by our favorite DJ, Just Martina. Welcome friends and don’t forget to invite your best sushi friends along♥

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Sushibar+Wine develops its operations: Matti Sarkkinen will be named as the CEO and a new restaurant will be opened on the ground floor of Iso Omena shopping center in Espoo

Sushibar+Wine will open a new restaurant on the ground floor of Iso Omena shopping center in Espoo on the 11th of October. At the same time, Matti Sarkkinen, who was awarded as ‘Restaurant Entrepreneur of the Year’ together with Anders Westerholm, will become the CEO of Sushibar+Wine and Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo’s restaurant will close its doors. Sushibar+Wine, which expanded its operations to Oslo in the middle of the pandemic, is strengthening

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Tunaful weeks 20.9-3.10

NEW SEASON SPECIAL: Spicy tuna avocado bowl with spicy goma sauce🥑🍃 We are celebrating Tunaful Weeks 20.9-3.10 with MSC Finland both in Helsinki and Oslo ❤️

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HBD Sushibar+Wine Valkyrie Plass!

On Sunday 15.8 our youngest restaurant, Sb+w Valkyrie Plass, celebrates its first birthday!🎂 To celebrate safely we are gifting FREE DELIVERY from both Valkyrie Plass and Posthallen with Wolt and Foodora 9.-15.8. Participate also our giveaway on Instagram!

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The world is changing and we want to evolve simultaneously

The world is at a stand still and the environmental effects are already visible. As a carbon neutral company we are happy for the environmental changes, but concerned whether it is possible for us to provide our services in a post-crisis environment. Your support is more important than ever!  No one has experienced a similar crisis before, but we firmly believe that every cloud has a silver lining. The world

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Norway’s first carbon-neutral sushi restaurant to open

Press release 27.2.2020  Not many know that sushi and sustainability seldom fit in the same sentence. Sushibar+Wine, a Nordic artisan sushi restaurant chain, wants to make a difference. Sushibar+Wine will be the first carbon-neutral sushi restaurant in the country, opening in Oslo Posthallen next week, 2nd March.  “It’s tricky for restaurants to achieve a carbon-neutral value chain because of the limited power they have over their suppliers. We need change

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