Handmade - Sustainable - Nordic

Handmade - Sustainable - Nordic

Handmade – Sustainable – Nordic

The idea for Sushibar + Wine came from a simple realisation. Despite coming from opposite ends of the world, sushi and the Nordic aesthetic are made for each other. The finishing touch was the addition of a third highly crafted component: organic wines from small, independent producers. Sometimes when seemingly different things are combined, they can create something unique.


The environment, sustainable development and being eco-friendly and ethical are matters of heart for us at Sushibar+Wine. We are the first sushi restaurant in Finland that has been granted the highly respected ASC/MSC Chain of Custody
 and the EcoCompass -sustainability certificates.

We are also proud of our cooperation with WWF. Our green values are visible in our everyday work and we strive to continuously develop and become even more environmentally positive.


Our lunch is on a summer break and will be back updated in August. A la carte  products available all day.