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Fish guide


We at Sushibar+Wine care for our blue and green globe! We’re working continuously towards changing our ingredients into more sustainable options to do our part. In collaboration with our fish supplier Kalatukku E. Eriksson we’ve chosen better options according to WWF:s (World Wildlife Fund) quidelines. With this we also want to make it easier for you, our lovely customers, to choose better options!


Our yummy whitefish sashimi and nigiri are made of fresh Finnish farmed whitefish. Our whitefish is labelled with the green traffic light: the feeding techniques, the composition of the feed and strict legislation guarantee that our whitefish is a feel-good delicacy! Our whitefish is Benella -whitefish, which is Baltic sea friendly. The fatty acid composition is also superb and Benella whitefish has been granted the Finnish “Sydänmerkki” Heart Symbol which indicated better choices for your heart’s health.


Our yellowfin tuna comes from the Pacific Ocean. This meaty fish was absent from our menu for years due to ecological reasons but now this returnee is a quilt free treat: our tuna is MSC certified and is labelled with the green traffic light. Yummy and quilt free, can it get any better?

EBI / Giant Shrimp Tail

This superstar of the california roll comes from Vietnam. This buddy is grown in the mangrove regions and is ASC certified and labelled with the green traffic light. The mangrove being a part of the Earth’s lungs get to keep on thriving and we get to have our yummy ebi!

Tiger prawn

Our tiger prawn is also Vietnamese and just like ebi, it is ASC certified. The tiger prawn is also labelled with the green traffic light, meaning the farming is ecologically and socially sound. Yum!


We are the first sushi restaurant in Finland serving ASC certified salmon which is labelled with the green traffic light. The availability of ASC labelled salmon is still limited so we are receiving it for now 4 days a week. Two days a week we are serving fresh Norwegian farmed salmon which is labelled with the yellow traffic light, but we’re working with our fish supplier to make a change in this in the future!


These fellows might not give us any pearls but are a guilt free delicacy! Our scallops come from Japan and are MSC certified. The scallops are also labelled with the green traffic light so the only question left is how many orders of grilled scallops to enjoy this time?


MSC certificate is a sign the fish and seafood are caught according to sustainable principles and the fishing isn’t endangering the fish or seafood stocks or by-catch caught. Certificate is only granted for fish stocks which are in good enough condition for fishing. MSC certificate also requires continuous observation of fishing environment and actions if necessary. The certificate is granted for 5 years at a time and can be taken away if conditions change. MSC certificate concentrates on wild fish and seafood. More on the MSC certificate: https://www.msc.org/.

ASC certificate indicates that the fish and seafood are farmed with sustainable principles concentrating on ecological, environmental and social aspects. The certificate is a sign of transparency and openness in the farming process and a quarantee to try and reduce the impact of farming on the surrounding nature. The certificate was formed in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund and concentrates on farmed fish and seafood. More on the ASC certificate: https://www.asc-aqua.org/. https://www.asc-aqua.org/.

BENELLA is a trademark protected farmed Finnish fish which is fed with feed from the Baltic sea. The Baltic sea feed binds more phosphorus than it produces and reduces the nitrogen load significantly. The fatty acid composition of the Baltic sea feed fed fish is optimal to humans and the Benella fish has been granted the Finnish Heart Symbol to indicate a better choice for the heart’s healt. https://www.sydanmerkki.fi/en/ ./”>More on the Benella fish and Heart Symbol: https://www.benellakala.fi/ and https://www.sydanmerkki.fi/en/ . and https://www.sydanmerkki.fi/.

World Wildlife Fund traffic lights